Erward Osckar

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Erward (Ed) Osckar is a seasoned executive and great leader with personable charm and significant experience in the web hosting industry since the late 1990s. Ed has co-founded and run several web hosting companies globally that have focused around the managed hosting, dedicated server, colocation, IT consulting, cloud computing and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Ed has a strong system administration and technical background which makes him a great fit in terms of understanding the many “pain points” of managing cloud infrastructure. He has also been working very closely with multiple implementations of Enterprise IT Infrastructure and High Traffic Web 2.0 cloud infrastructures. Ed holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Seattle University and Master of Science in Information Technology from Seattle Pacific University. In his spare time, Ed enjoys to travel and spend quality time with family and friends. Ed is also an avid photographer and news junkie.

Jimmy Pandra

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

Jimmy (Jim) Pandra has also co-founded and run web hosting companies since 2001. Jim’s expertise in Internet data center design and day-to-day operations makes him an invaluable asset to the Wowrack management team. Jim’s knowledge in the Internet hosting industry – coupled with his passionate customer-centric approach—has earned him accolades from customers. Jim is captivated with the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and he loves outdoor activities. His outdoor “toys” include a 22” trailer, 4x4 Sport Utility ATV and go-karts. He is particularly proud of his go-karting skills and welcomes to challenge anyone to beat him!

Rudy Setiawan

Vice President, Global Infrastructure & Co-Founder

Rudy has always been the most technically capable among the management team. Rudy is a network engineer by trade and has held a Professional Cisco certification for many years. Rudy has been directly responsible managing many large ISP’s Internet routing protocols since 1995. Rudy’s passion for Open Source technologies and tinkering with the latest and greatest technologies has earned him the title of “Technology Wizard” in his past positions. Rudy currently resides in Indonesia oversees Wow Technologies, Inc. Global Development and Support team, making him the perfect fit to lead Wowrack’s global managed cloud initiatives. Rudy loves traveling in his free time, can’t get enough of social networking websites and enjoys the companionship of his family. He also loves photography, testing out the latest in technology gadgets and sampling new culinary delights.

Kris Borne

Chief Financial Officer

Kris Borne has been in the hosting industry since 2000 and brings tremendous financial acumen, industry experience, strategic thinking, and an uncompromising focus on customers to Wowrack. Her start to the internet/hosting industry came with an invitation to join a little known web hosting start-up called digital.forest. Kris came on board as CFO, but after 4 months she assumed the role of CEO. After 10 years of hard work building a culture and reputation for high-touch service, as well as raising investment capital and building state of the art data center facilities, she sold digital.forest to a consortium of private equity investors. Prior to digital.forest Kris spent 11 years as Vice President of Operations for United Advertising Publications (UAP), a national publishing company. During her tenure at UAP, the company grew from $30M to over $300M.

Kris loves working with early-stage companies, and the opportunity to impact those companies' culture, values and strategy. She most enjoys being part of a close-knit team that is 100% focused on creating solid value and outstanding customer service.

Kenneth Odem

Sales Executive

Kenneth joined Wowrack in 2014 after Wowrack acquired his public cloud VPS company. Kenneth has been in the hosting industry for over 10 years and has extensive experience in everything from marketing to server administration. Previous to being in the hosting industry, Kenneth has worked as a website designer in which he worked entities from non-profits to famed business leaders. At Wowrack, Kenneth helps execute marketing goals and manages the online profiles of our various brands. Additionally, Kenneth oversees the operations of our Virpus.com brand including customer service, marketing, server troubleshooting and more.

Outside of Wowrack, Kenneth enjoys traveling the country and enjoys most outdoors activities including kayaking, hiking and taking long jogs.