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Your worry-free cloud infrastructure solution is here! Need a team to fully manage your infrastructure including design, implementation, maintenance, monitoring, backup and security services? Need a dedicated team of system and network engineer to run your production cloud infrastructure? Let Wowrack team provide our managed services solution to help you focus on your business while have us run your cloud Infrastructure. Our team of 24/7/365 engineers are standing by to provide unparalleled support including maintenance of your cloud infrastructure layer from datacenter physical layer, cloud layer, up to your Application infrastructure layer such as database, web services, security services, and disaster recovery as a service.

Our Managed Services Approach

Engaging with our managed services team is a whole different level of experience. You are not only dealing with a single person with said matter expertise, but you are dealing with our entire Managed Services team. The same team who currently manages thousands of applications, hundreds of cloud infrastructure and more than 75 cloud locations world-wide. You will have access to IT and Cloud architect and strategy services, Network engineers who run 100% SLA networks, System administrators both on the Microsoft and Open Source technologies who have implemented highly scalable web infrastructure, security engineers who understands the modern security thread, and even 24/7/365 IT Operation team who are able to perform IT operation tasks and maintenances all around the clock. Our goal is simple. We want to take the headache of maintaining IT infrastructure away from you and make it our problem.

Infrastructure Design

What server hardware to use, how many CPU cores, What RAID Level, which virtualization platform, which storage platform, what cloud platform, how to setup geo load-balancing for application content delivery, how to distribute your application load efficiently across the globe? These are some of the questions that we faced daily. We are very happy to start the design discussion with our customers in order to ensure the business objective is met and the application is setup with robust infrastructure to handle the loads.


Once the design process has been completed, our Systems and Network architect will work closely with the deployment team from physical aspect of the implementation to application infrastructure layer implementation and ensure that your goals and objective are properly executed by our team of systems/network engineers. We don’t claim that we know everything, but our engineers have done enough deployment to be very efficient in their execution in order to perform a successful Infrastructure deployment for our customers.



Need help building your secured private network that spans Asia, US and Europe? Need to run your Autonomous System (AS) number and advertise BGP in your network but don’t have the expertise? Need to connect your private cloud to public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure or Google? Our team of network engineers have the expertise and discipline to do what it takes to deploy solid and strong network infrastructure to power your business. We’ll help implement anything from simple firewall implementation for small business, to Metro WAN routing and switching that span multiple cities, securing your edge network with industry standard best practice.


Once your Infrastructure has been setup and running, we will work closely with you to setup different layers of monitoring for your infrastructure to gain visibility and alerts into your infrastructure. From RAID Hardware monitoring, to server health monitoring (CPU/RAM/Diskspace/Load), to application availability from different parts of the world, our engineer will work closely with you to ensure that you have visibility throughout the infrastructure.


We will work closely with your application development team to gather requirements about your database structure including its layout, performance, and availability requirements. Our database administrator will help deploy the database infrastructure per its requirement and help tune the database environment as necessary to attain customer’s performance requirements.


Our security team will work closely hand in hand with the design and network team to ensure that your security objectives are properly met. From setting up access control list on your firewall, securing IPsec VPN, implementing Web application firewalls, DDOS application mitigation services, log monitoring, Next-Gen Firewall protection, we got it covered. Our security practice follows best practices from our hardware and software vendors. We simplify and not over-engineer our security solutions whenever possible to ensure balance between security and workable environment.

Disaster Recovery and Backup


One of the most important purpose of backup services that people often overlook is the recovery aspect. We can tailor design your backup solution to meet your goals and business requirements with appropriate recovery objective in mind. We use myriad of different technologies such as snapshots, storage replication, virtual machine replication, file and database layer backup, and we are able to design and run your off premise backup. In addition, we can also help design and run your secondary datacenter for Disaster recovery purposes. Ask yourself: What is your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? And How do I achieve it today? Sounds complex? We can Help.

Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud

Moving and mixing your IT infrastructure to the cloud is inevitable. This is the direction where everyone is going to gain efficiencies, add features, be scalable, and reduce cost. Our Managed Services is not only limited to managing customer’s cloud infrastructure that is deployed in our datacenter facility. We can provide our managed services to maintain a truly hybrid cloud infrastructure that spans Public cloud, Private Cloud, Cloud in third party hoster’s datacenter, and On-Premise. Put your egg in the basket where it belongs best! There is no one cloud that fits all. You can create your own cloud destiny.

Virtual CTO Services

Running day to day IT operations, implementation and upgrade is definitely what keeps the cloud world spinning in our industry. However, equally important is understanding what your business actually need. How can IT be an asset and how can you use IT to generate greater ROI and efficiencies in your business? Am I paying too much? Is there a better option? These are the question that I am sure everyone has in mind. Our Virtual CTO service that can be included with the managed services can help guide your business to move in the right direction. We can advise C-Level executives on the latest IT trends and strategy to benefit your organization.

What is Included?

As technology evolves and there are great number of options out there, it is virtually impossible to list all of the items that we have deployed, touched, or ran in Production. Here are some of the examples of the technologies that we have helped designed and run:

At the infrastructure level:

  • Design and Architecture guidance
  • System Administration and IT Operations (Ops)
  • System monitoring, alerting, and reporting
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • A technical account manager who understands your infrastructure best
  • An entire Wowrack Support team who can perform IT operation tasks and available 24/7/365.
  • LDAP and DNS management
  • Security design and implementation for all layers of your infrastructure.
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Web server and Application Server Administration
  • Network design and implementation including Layer2 Switching, Layer3 Routing, GRE Tunnel, VPN Site2Site Tunnel, Firewall, Application Load Balancer
  • Hypervisor Management:,
  • Storage Management: Commercial SANs (Dell, Nimble, HP, etc), Open Source Storage (FreeNAS, Open-E, Ceph)
  • Network Switches: HP, Cisco, Juniper
  • Firewalls: Cisco, Netscreen, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Watchguard
  • Wireless: Meraki, Aruba, Ubiquity, Cisco

At the application level:

  • DevOps automation tools: Chef, Puppet.
  • Application deployment, web scaling and Content Distribution.
  • Database Infrastructure and Administration: MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Microsoft SQL, Hadoop
  • Web Server Technologies: Apache, NGINX, Varnish, IIS, Squid, Java.
  • Virtualization: Vmware, Hyper-V, Xen, Openstack, Cloudstack, ProxMox
  • Virtual Desktop: Microsoft, VMware, Citrix
  • Microsoft Office Server: Exchange, Sharepoint, Skype For Business
  • Directory Services: LDAP, Active Directory
  • Digital marketing platform management: WordPress, Drupal, Magento

And Many More!

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