Wowrack - HaaS (Hardware Leasing)

HaaS - Hardware Leasing

Wowrack Hardware as a Service

Exactly As You Want It Infrastructure

Get rid of an unpredictable budget with top tier IT hardware rentals with Wowrack’s Hardware as a Service. Keep pace with the latest server technology while leveraging a predictable monthly IT spend to reduce the costs and complexity of managing your infrastructure.

Why lease IT equipment with Wowrack? Server lifecycles tend to depreciate only within a few years of usage before losing capital value. With constant upgrades to technology, your current generation of hardware could quickly become obsolete. Through our simple pay-per-use hardware solution, we’ll ensure you get the best performing IT equipment combined with the financial freedom to not have to worry about infrastructure bottlenecks for those times of planned or unplanned business growth.


  1. Compliance-ready and validated hardware, including Payment Credit Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other regulations.
  2. Back-to-basics IT management made super-simple and affordable through a fixed monthly rate.
  3. Reduce CapEx investment with a flexible OpEx lease term (warranties included).
  4. Automatic upgrades managed by us so you can stay up-to-date on the latest technology.
  5. One point of reference to meet all your financial and technical needs.
  6. Manage your own Load Balancer and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).
  7. LTO tape and drive support for archival backups.
  8. Swap out equipment when you want and avoid hardware depreciation cycles.
  9. No need for in-house IT support, we’ll take care of all device changeovers!
  10. From technology consulting, on-premise and remote support, integration services, IT management, maintenance, to network and server support, Wowrack has you covered.

Ready to spin up a few servers?


Financial Flexibility

Wowrack can provide you with rapid provisioning for all your cabinet or cage deployments and avoid expensive IT bills. Forget dealing with large capital expenditures and high risk purchases. We let you mix-and-match your current equipment with our hardware leasing to swap out and build the ideal infrastructure you need to meet your business goals on a predictable monthly pricing. From hardware, software, network, and support, our Managed Services are all included to help put you in control of your IT spend.


Competitive Edge

Wowrack’s Hardware as a Service gives you the options to maximize your buying power by removing large upfront costs on expensive IT equipment. Keep your hardware up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology, fully loaded with all the applications and software you trust to keep business moving forward.


Adapting IT Needs

Scalable and simple to maintain. Wowrack has spare components at the ready, through our certified N+1 redundancies. Based on your business needs, we’ll provide you with any assortment of hardware provisioning from infrastructure to the network and everything in between.

Take advantage of our services today with timely repairs and replacements for any failing or outdated equipment, including:

  1. Bare Metal Servers
  2. Network Switches
  3. Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)
  4. Raid Cards
  5. PDUs
  6. Licensing
  7. Electronic Rack Locks

Save valuable resource times through our full-time Managed Services for leased hardware. We’ll make navigating and transitioning previous or new setups a walk in the park. Wowrack’s specialists will deliver and install your custom hardware at any of our locations and remain available 24/7/365 to continue providing you with technical assistance and support for all your IT needs.

Get back to what's important in your business with hardware you can count on every day.