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Best of Breed Image Level Backup & Replication

Data protection is extremely important. However, when it comes to storing your data off-site, speed and efficiency might not always be readily available. With Wowrack Veeam Cloud Connect, simply take your on-premise or hosted servers and connect to our Veaam Cloud Connect Gateway to quickly store and retrieve your backups in a secured cloud repository hosted in our Wowrack network.

As a fully scalable solution, Wowrack’s Veeam Cloud Connect can be deployed independently on either physical Windows machines or virtual equivalent.

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Battle-tested Solution

For your critical business applications, backing up data to the cloud has never been safer or faster. Reduce both the costs and complexities involved with disaster recovery planning.

The Service Provider That You Trust

Wowrack’s 24/7 accessibility and on-going support provides you reliable availability to keep your mission-critical applications working cost-effectively without breaking the bank.

End-to-end VM Backup + Veaam Cloud Connect

With advanced image-based VM replication, simply point your replication jobs to us and we’ll readily store your backups accessed through a secure SSL connection to a dedicated cloud repository. Manage all your full site failovers remotely and failback just as easily with a local environment to continue business operations without interruption. Wowrack can also retrieve any VMs that have been backed up to the Veeam Cloud Connect as live servers for on-the-fly recovery.

Other features include:
  1. Save huge costs without the need to backup to a second site.
  2. Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration allows for lighter and faster data transfer speeds between your on-premise servers to our infrastructure.
  3. 24/7/365 support through our dedicated team of specialists.
  4. Increased backup reliability with a fully redundant N+1 infrastructure.
Pay As You Go No monthly commitments, zero setup fees and no upfront costs. Pricing is based only on the amount of VMs you have with us and by per gigabyte of storage.
Post-Compression Storage With Wowrack Veaam Cloud Connect, data stored will automatically be compressed — gaining the added benefits of a lower usage fee.
Your Data, Your Way Retain all aspects of your backups from scheduling, retention policies, and encryption. How you control your data remains on your end, giving you full transparency and maximum flexibility.



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