B&R Flooring

Location: Lacey, WA
Industry: Retail
Solution: Wowrack On-Premise Managed Hosting

The Project

B & R Flooring is an independent retail store that provides all types of flooring and countertops for commercial properties and residential remodels to new construction projects. A 100 hundred percent locally-owned business, B & R prides themselves on providing their customers with the highest level of attention, service and expertise.

Being a company focused on premium customer service, B & R wanted to find a managed hosting provider with like-minded business values. And having their IT needs managed would allow their lone “IT Guy” owner Garrett Gunderson to focus on daily business needs and leave, “the responsibilities to someone else.”

The Solution

After having a catastrophic failure of their on-premise servers, Gunderson decided it was time to transfer the majority of their IT operations to a managed hosting services model; giving B & R the ability to maintain a more secure and upgraded environment, while always having the most current technologies available.

Wowrack was able to work closely with B & R to choose their new primary and backup servers that they still host on-premise, while performing a migration to the latest in Microsoft licenses, spam filtering and antivirus solutions, including MS Windows Server, SQL and Exchange.

Before utilizing Wowrack’s on-premise managed hosting services, all servers were located on-site at B & R’s store location and serviced by Gunderson. But he soon realized that he wanted to free up his time and leave the responsibility for hardware and keeping up with licensing, “to someone else.”

Why Wowrack?

After evaluating multiple managed hosting providers, Gunderson decided that working with Wowrack was the best option for his team after a referral from another Wowrack customer. “We evaluated multiple options – from just buying our own new servers to other managed hosting options. But when I was told that Wowrack was the best, I knew I had to give them a shot.”

He noted that he was particularly impressed with Wowrack partners Erward Osckar and Ed Kimm – who made the sales process and implementation “painless”. He shared, “They never tried to sell me anything I didn’t need; unlike other providers, and were with me 100 percent during the process.”

He added that he has already also seen increased ROI and productivity in his daily operations, along with improved system performance and stability. And the fact that service issues are taken care of promptly has been a real plus, “Wowrack really has become my IT team.”

The Results

  • Creating a more secure and upgraded environment, utilizing the newest in technologies
  • Cost savings of managed hosting services
  • An “extension” of their own IT team, available to service their needs 24/7/365
  • Ability to develop relationship with a local managed hosting services company with like-minded business values

About Wowrack

Wow Technologies, Inc. (dba Wowrack and Coloinseattle) is a cloud service provider; offering various Hosting services including Managed Hosting Solutions, Dedicated Server Solutions, Colocation, Virtualization, Bandwidth Delivery and Managed Services. Our competency includes being able to design, provision, implement, manage and monitor high traffic websites that require high availability and redundant infrastructure. For more information please visit: www.wowrack.com or www.coloinseattle.com