Location: Seattle, WA
Industry: High-Traffic Web Media Company
Solution: Wowrack Dedicated Hosting

The Project

Cheezburger is a Seattle-based company founded in 2007 that is home to multiple weblog sites, such as I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog, Know Your Meme and Memebase. Cheezburger is one of the largest social humor sites on the Internet, where millions of people come every day to laugh out loud and have others laugh with them. Visitors to the site can view, create or remix themes and share their favorite funny photos and video.

Having millions of users each day means that the web engineers at Cheezburger must make sure that each user experience is seamless – meaning that it is fast and reliable.

The Solution

Being a high-traffic web environment with a great amount of growth and evolving hosting needs, Cheezburger decided to utilize Wowrack’s Seattle (Tukwila) facility as their primary “home” data center.

They were able to customize a solution with Wowrack that allows their IT needs to scale as their business and traffic continues to grow. The company currently hosts a powerful SQL cluster and a rack of API servers. Using products such as IIS/.NET, MSSQL, Couchbase, AppFabric, HAProxy and Varnish.

Why Wowrack?

After evaluating working with other dedicated service providers, Jeff Brown, Cheezburger’s CTO decided that working with Wowrack was the best option for his team. “We are extremely happy with our solution at Wowrack. Not only is it a customized solution that precisely fits our needs, but we have room to grow as our business grows.”

Brown noted that not only has working with Wowrack has been successful from a deployment and hosting standpoint, but the Cheezburger team has also seen a major savings on both staffing and deployment costs. He added that the 24/7/365 support provides an extension of their own on-site IT team.

Joey O’Neill, Cheezburgers Senior Systems Administrator added, “Wowrack is a great partner! The pricing is great, their connectivity is outstanding and their price/performance ratio is ideal for Cheezburger’s needs.”

The Results

  • Increased scalability for Cheezburger’s rapidly changing hosting needs
  • Ability to have a customized solution with outstanding connectivity for their high-traffic needs
  • Cost savings of dedicated hosting services versus operating an in-house data center
  • An “extension” of their own IT team, available to service their needs 24/7/365

About Wowrack

Wow Technologies, Inc. (dba Wowrack and Coloinseattle) is a cloud service provider; offering various Hosting services including Managed Hosting Solutions, Dedicated Server Solutions, Colocation, Virtualization, Bandwidth Delivery and Managed Services. Our competency includes being able to design, provision, implement, manage and monitor high traffic websites that require high availability and redundant infrastructure. For more information please visit: www.wowrack.com or www.coloinseattle.com